Mt. Talamitam (630+) MASL Newbie Adventure


Nasugbu, Batangas

Jump-off point: Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu (KM. 83)

LLA: 14.1158° N; 120.7577° N; 630 MASL

Days required/ Hours to summit: 1 day / 1.5-2.2 hours

Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3 with steep assault (100m)

talaIt was just my first time to go on with an andventure like this.So me and co workers decided to give it a try and go for a day hike. As a newbie I personally browsed the internet what would be the most advisable Mountain for us to hike. And most common suggestions is Mt Talamitam. From those photos I have seen I was already amazed with the wonderful views this mountain has to offer sounds really exciting for me then to see those views personally.

It was Good Friday April 2, 2015  the day we decided that we are going to visit Mt. Talamitam. Our meeting place was at Mc Donalds Pala – Pala at exactly 4am, since we are all from Cavite, it was easy for us to group up and proceed to our destination. Lucky for us one of my co-workers colleagues offer their own Van for us to have easy access when it comes to transportation. The said budget for the fare is only Php200.00 for round trip which is very reasonable because we don’t even need to wait for a bus or van to commute. We left the meeting place at around 5am and we’re all very excited.

We arrived from the jump off point in Sitio Bayabasan Nasugbo Batangas at around 5:45 – 6:00 am. The locals seems they were expecting us to arrive they greet us Good morning with wonderful smiles in their faces. After a short briefing, orientation, preparation, a short prayer and a short time waiting for our local tour guide to arrive (Kuya Ronnie) we left the jump off point at exactly 6:14am.I can still remember the moment we refuse the locals offering us “Ang Mahiwagang Tungkod” Hahaha that we doesn’t even realize that will be a great help when we are already in the middle of the hike.

It was such a nice feeling walking on a community along our way who’s very much glad to welcome us and greeting us Good Morning. Aside from the fact that we can still smell the scent of the morning breeze. For me ” Eto yung tinatawag na feeling ng nasa PROBINSYA ka”. I can still feel the “Hamog” on some part of the trek. Just a few steps from the jump off point we can already see the Mt. Talimitam itself who’s I guess is also glad to welcome us. After a couple of minutes later and since I am just new in this kind of adventure I demanded for a short break to catch breathe because of being tired. Good thing to remember when you are going on a trek is to always bring atleast a liter of water, protection from the sun (cap, long sleeves, sunblock lotion, balabal etc.)  and an extra shirt to change with. After a short break and taking some pictures for us to upload on FB we continue to move forward.


After an hour of walking I personally asked our tour guide (Kuya Ronnie) how long we still need to take for us to reach the peak. He just smiled and replied at me with a soft voice telling that we are just a half way through it. I don’t know exactly what to feel is that a good news or a bad news. As we are closer to reach the summit Kuya Ronnie offers us three options to go along with. The first one will be the easiest one (if you were facing the peak it was on the left most part of it) but we still need to walk a long way. And the second one is (on the Right most part) harder than first one but almost the same trail. And then the last one (on the middle) the hardest among the three or what they called the “Assault Trail” which we need to take a 60 degrees trail I guess but will only take us minimal time for us to reach the peak.

So since most of us are all newbie, but on the contrary with that we managed to choose the “Assault Trail” challenging ourselves (medyo maangas kasi hahaha). We take a short break and proceed on the challenge we made. It was hard actually, more harder  than I could ever imagined. But the things that came from my mind (since it was Good Friday) is that we are on a thing we called “Pinetensya” a catholic beliefs. This is just a mountain compared to the cross he carried for us to save us all from our sins.The drama continues when one my co workers already want to give up the hike and not proceed to the peak. She was having hard time catching her breathe, fortunately with a just a short rest and few encouragement we encourage her to continue because it was just a few steps from the peak. Good things I use the “Talahib” para may mahawakan.

After a long wait is over when I heard the voice of one of my co workers whos already reach the summit telling us that we are almost there I feel so really excited and feel recharge because of the good news.

Exactly 1:53 minutes official time when we reach the peak of Mt. Talamitam the wind from the top is very refreshing. The views are very rewarding I almost forgot I’m tired. I have this weird feeling I can’t even explain. The only thing that came from my mind was, “Baket ngayun ko lang kaya naisipang gawin toh??? Sana noon pa??….If I only knew I will have this kind of wonderful feeling before I will definitely go for a hike immediately. From the top you can see the other mountains which I will definitely visit soon Mt Batulao ,Mt Marami and Pico De Loro. It is always such a nice feeling witnessing this Wonderful God’s Creation. JpegJpegWith just a few minutes later Kuya Ronnie call our attention when he asked if we want to buy a Fresh Buko Juice, on the top of the mountain oh come on, at first I thought he was just joking (April Fools) but suprisingly it was for real. One of the locals brought a styrofoam of Fresh Buko juice to help us Hikers feel more refresh. It was quite expensive than the usual price (Php40.00) but it was the first time I really do appreciate that very refreshing drink. Another thing that catch up my attention is the grotto on the peak such a nice idea to put it on there. After of almost an hour enjoying the views, taking some pictures, and a short rest we decided to go down before the heat of the sun hurts.

Around 8:50am when we left the peak I leave a promise that I will definitely going back there soon.Base from Kuya Ronnie we need to go another way downward the easiest one, because the trail we use upward is not advisable to take when you want to go down. Maybe the professional mountaineer will be the only one allowed to do that. Kuya Ronnie also told us that we are going to visit a local river on our way back (Layong Bilog River) if I am not mistaken.

On our way back we are heading to a place where we need to pay the Brgy. Permit amounting to Php 25.00 per head and the tour guide fee amounting to Php 300.00 on first 4 person, since we are 10 person we agreed on just Php 600.00 only. But on the end we still managed to gave Kuya Ronnie a tip (I will not mention the exact amount for Kuya Ronnie’s Security Purposes Hahaha Sobrang laki kasi ng amount….Just kidding…

Anyways after paying the Permit and Kuya Ronnies service fee we proceed to go to the river. I personally want to swim on it but unfortunately I almost forgot I dont even know how to swim (medyo malalim daw kasi) aside from the fact Im also afraid on what they called “pasma”. So instead of swimming we just wash our dirty feets with water and ofcourse take a few pictures from it.JpegThe water from the river is too cold and feel so much very refreshing. There are some people who’s also enjoying the river too. I am almost ready to jump again but when they say na (Malalim daw talaga un) I decided I’ll just do it next time (Hahahaha).After a few photos and a short break we decided to cross the river . I already feel my stomach demanding to eat a whole hippopotamus because I’m already hungry. We thought after we cross the river we are already chill and relax walking back. But we are definitely wrong Kuya Ronnie didn’t tell us that we still need to go on a hard trail.I’m already run out of water, the same feeling that we were just starting the trek. After a few minutes I heard some vehicle across the road closer and closer which means we are already near from the Hihgway…Wooooh Thank You Lord atlast…

JpegIt was already 11am when we return to the jump off point. Just a few moments of rest and changing our dress we are heading to Mahogany Market in Tagaytay for us to have something to eat and recover the fats we lost from the said hike.

Jpeg It was already past 12nn when we reach Mahogany Market I can’t even wait to sit down and eat as much as I can. But unfortunately since it was Good Friday I’m not allowed to eat their Special Menu which is the mouth watering “Bulalo”.Since Im already hungry I just orderd “Ginataang Tambakol”  and Four Extra Rice. My kaibigang Oso also ordered Adobong Pusit. The price is reasonable because the food is very delicous.Surprisingly  the total budget all in all including our heavy meals is only Php 500.00 not to much expensive but yet a wonderful experience.

After a few chicka chicka and waiting the food to alteast to digest we proceed to our van and heading our back way home. It was such a nice adventure specially when you were accompanied with such wonderful person like them.

Most of us were sleeping on our way Home…Hahaha…Specially Mam Dana hahaha…I managed to went home before 3pm. I also do have a nice sleep after the hike.

I would like to personally thank those person who made this adventure possible, Tito for lending your van for us, Vhin, Mam Dana, Sir Richmond, Kuya Basil, Kaibigang Oso (Grizzlie Bear Ben), Ang Batang Matigas ang ulo (Chiipoi), Sarah, Boss Agnel at Bhessy ni Vhin, Kuya Ronnie (Tour Guide) and Most of all our Great Provider The Lord Himself Amen. To GOD ALWAYS BE THE GLORY!!!!JpegJpegUntil next time guyz….See you in our next adventure……This is your Lakwatserong Oso Signing Off!!!!!! Peace Homies!!!


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