#2 Mt. Batulao (811+) Traverse New Trail To Old Trail

Jpeg♠MT. BATULAO (811+)
Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-off point: Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu
LLA: 14.0408 N 120.8011 E 811 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 3 with 60-70degrees assault

Features: Open trails, rolling slopes, scenic views of Batangas
Mt Batulao is one of those beginner’s friendly mountains and a budget friendly also.(Hahaha).Mt Batulao was not supposed the place we are going to hike. The initial plan was we are planning to go on a day hike to Mt. Manabu we started from approximately 16persons at first, but due to our conflict schedules with one another we just come up from 3 persons the night before our hike.
Since we’re just only three, the night before our hike I decided to change our initial plan, so instead of taking Mt. Manabu I suggested Mt Batulao. The two of them agreed with my plan and so we decided to take Mt. Batulao.
 It was May 2, 2015 Saturday (Monthsary of my 1st Hike) when we finalized to go on a day hike to Mt. Batulao. The meeting place was at McDonalds Pala-Pala 5:00am. Kuya Basil and I arrived at the meeting place at the same time. After a couple of minutes later when I was on my way to the counter to order a cup of coffee and a chicken sandwich (as my baon) Sis Belle also arrived. After a long wait because of my ordered chicken sandwich (Matagal daw kasi lutuin Hahaha) we left our meeting place and wait an aircon bus bound to NASUGBU at around 5:30am.
Since i just googled all the information I had, I beg “Manong Kondutor” na ibaba kame sa Evercrest at huwag kameng ilampas (Hahaha). The said fare from Dasma Pala – Pala to Evercrest is only Php61.00.Luckily we arrived from EVERCREST at exactly 6:35am.
From the highway I think you  need to walk an approximately of 2-3kms (just on my own estimation) to reach the jump off point. Since we don’t have any idea where the jump off point was located we hire a tricycle which amount to Php120.00 for Four persons(including our guide). They also offers a guide amounting to Php400.00 per day hike, we hire Ramon as our tour guide with the said amount.

Jump off point souvenir items shirt etc.

We arrived at the jump off point at around 6:45am after a short preparation and looking for “The MAHIWAGANG TUNGKOD” (Hahaha) Me and Kuya Basil already learned our lessoned when we refused to use it during our first time. We also encourage Sis Belle also to buy her own “MAHIWANG TUNGKOD” for just only Php10.00. After we had our tungkod we proceed with our hike.

We left the jump off point at exactly 7:05am I strongly suggest you need to bring things that may protect you from the heat of the sun (cap, warmer, long sleeves, balabal, sun block etc.) there are only few trees along the trail. You might wanna also consider a face mask (medyo maalikabok din kasi).


Kuya Basil Enjoying the Buko

Source of water or any rehydrating drinks are not that hard to find when you are going to hike Mt Batulao (unlike to Mt Talamitam) the locals with their kubo’s offers several types of drinks like bottled water, mountain dew, gatorade and their very own fresh buko juice. Kuya Basil demanded to take a short break for us to have a sip on that Buko Juice and eat it. It costs Php40.00 per piece. As we moved forward Ramon (our guide) reminded us that we need to pay Php30.00 (dati Php20.00 lang daw) at the registration area if we are going to take the new trail. We thought it was just a few steps from the jump off point but we are defintely wrong. So this time I personally demanded a short break for us to have a short prayer (to ask guidance and protection along our hike). Jpeg We came to a point where we need to choose between the Old Trail and the New Trail. We asked Ramon what is the harder trail to take (coz we love to challenge ourselves Angas!!!Hahaha) he suggested the Old Trail. Then we also asked him what would be the advantage if ever we will take the New Trail, he explained to us that it will be much easier and a bonus of a very rewarding views. So instead of taking the Old Trail we change our mind and proceed to take the New Trail (for the viewing experience).


Kuya Basil and Sis Belle

It was just the first time of Sis Belle to go on a hike, but the way she walks, she move forward faster than Kuya Basil and I (yung totoo Sis kame ata ung 1st time pa lang umakyat Hahaha). She also had those adrenaline that we had during our first hike (medyo mataas lang ng konti yung kanya Hahaha) Anyways as we proceed (nag change topic bigla ang matabang Mama medyo pahiya ng konti eh Hahaha) on our hike as we reach closer to the Registration area we saw plenty of hikers going up and going down.


Kubo = Pahinga…Hahaha

Every nipa hut or should I call it station? Is full of tired hikers who’s taking a short break (halos lahat ata ng kubo may mga nagpapahinga). There are also some Nipa Huts which I personally called “the builders hut” there are the one whos living along the trail to help or guide those hikers. They have their own sari – sari store and provide a hut for the hikers to take a rest with, so be thankful with them.


Lakwatserong Oso and Ramon

We moved forward and take a few pictures of the view, I also ask Ramon to join me (puro nalang kasi sya nagtatake ng pictures namen Hahaha). Ramon is still young at the age of 18yrs old he wanted to help his family by means of being a guide. Every time he earned money half of it will be given to his mom for their daily needs and neccessities. But when we ask him if he was still studying he just smiled and said that he doesn’t want to school anymore (medyo na sad kame dun ng bahagya).


Kuya Basil, Lakwatserong Oso and Sis Belle

Well anyways we don’t ask him any further questions after that as a respect (maybe the reason is too personal for him to open up).


Good Morning!!!

As we continue to move closer to the registration area I saw several tents who’s Im pretty sure spent their nights along the camp. According to RAMON before we reach the summit we need to go along 12 peaks in total (including the summit).


A portable Solar Panel use by locals as their source of electrictiy.

When we reached the Registration Area (if im not mistaken it is located on Peak 8) Ramon ask for a favor to wait him for a while. I wonder why so I asked him he said he will just going to eat his breakfast inside the house. We never thought that the registration area is the place where he lives. His father is the one who’s in charge on the logbook (now I get it kahit siguro ako kapag ganito kalayo bahay ko baka tamarin ng pumasok Hahahaha Just Kidding). While he’s eating there is one thing that caught up my attention is a small thing on their roof. (At dahil ususero ako hehehe) I asked Ramon’s father to make sure na tama hinala ko na isa yung solar panel and he said yes. He added that small solar panel will give enough power to a light 50watt lightbulb for almost 8hrs, sound pretty cool. After a  short while Ramon is already done eating, we are also settled the Registration Fee(Php 30.00) and listed our names on the logbook. We asked Ramon how long it will take for us to reach the summit, this time I heard a goodnews Ramon said it won’t take that long for us to reach the summit just about less than hour.


Ang Mahiwagang Buko Juice

We are recharged of that news plus  the views are now getting more magnificent as we are closer to reach the summit. On our way we saw another Nipa hut with their own version of cold and very refreshing Buko Juice on a glass with a much cheaper price for Php20.00 only. Ramon also gave us another trivia that we need to pass through a four ropes before we reach the summit. I asked him what is that rope all about he said it will help us to climb easier and avoid the “alikabok” para hindi madulas.


Kuya Basil doing some spidy tricks…hehehe..

Then just a few moments later we already saw the ropes he was talking about. It was not that scary as I thought. We actually enjoyed the moment every time we are going to take those ropes (sabi nga ni Sis Belle he never imagined na yung napapanood nya sa T.V eh ginagawa na nya.) Very wonderful experiences on our part. There are some moments that we are delayed because of the traffic (may mga bumaba din kasi). Well anyways as we reach closer to the peak I already saw some hikers enjoying the view from the top. JpegFinally we reached the peak/summit official time 2:04mins We move faster for us to be able enjoy the magnificent view from the top made by our Great Creator “Our GOD , Our Heavenly Father”. As we expected the view from the Top is very rewarding I always salute and praise our LORD for showing this wonderful creations of him to us. Such a great and wonderful GOD we have. Thank you LORD!!!


Pahinga Muna…

There are some hikers who’s also enjoying the view from the top. Like them we are also amazed with those views this mountain has to offer. We took some photos and take a short rest while enjoying the scenic views of Batngas and the other mountains from a distance. I asked Sis Belle how does it feels to go on a hike. She just smiled and feel so much very happy (mission accomplished). Jpeg Aside from the view another thing that caught up my attention is the tent who offers a cold Halo – Halo for Php35.00 nice business idea (Hahaha). We dare to buy a cold Halo2x I don’t even care if medyo matabang (sorry for the word, truth hurts) as long as it is cold that is not a big deal for me (Hehaha). We also ate our pack snacks. I remember Kuya Basil gave me two pieces of waffle that Aling Maliit (Mam Dana) home made. Because waffle is one of my favorite food I immediately took a bite on it, when I am waiting to feel the taste of the hotdog from my mouth Kuya Basil said that the filling of it is just a cheese (sad face hahaha just kidding) . Well thanks anyways Aling Maliit for your pabaon (Next Time Alam mo na ha, Hahaha). After done eating and taking some pictures we decided to go down because the heat of the sun is now starting to penetrate my skin(Hahaha ang init kasi masyado).


Then the traffic continues

This time we decided to take the OLD trail for us to be able to also experienced that trail and try to avoid the traffic also because most of the hikers will take the New Trail because it is much easier than this one(Old Trail). But unfortunately we still experienced traffic along the only ropes that the old trail has. You need a bit of patience when you were planning to climb Batulao. As we moved forward the trail is much harder than the new trail you must be very careful with your step. Mt Batulao also offers a natural powder on your face (Alikabok Hahaha) you don’t need to worry it is free and you don’t need to pay anything for your free foundation. 


View from the Old Trail

We also take a few pictures from the old trail but because of the heat of the summer sun, we rather walk faster to went back to the jump off point as soon as possible.


Under the shade of a tree

Compared to the New Trail the Old Trail has more trees to offer (at hindi namin palalampasin yung lilim ng puno para magpahinga Hahaha). After a short break we decided to move forward, we came to a point that we challenge ourselves to go on a trail run Me and Ramon take the lead but just a few moments later I heard something at my back It was Sis Belle (Nadapa siya pasimuno kasi ako eh Sorry Sis). As we reach the registration area from the Old Trail we settled another (Php20.00) and listed our name at the logbook. Kuya Basil saw some minimal damage on his shoes he decided to junked it and just buy a slipper (Hahaha iba kasi talaga si Kuya kapag sinabeng tapon, tapon agad Yayamanin Hahaha).We also stop from a station where we need to pay another Php10.00 (Private property daw kasi yung dadaanan namen mas mura yung daan sa Nasugbu:New Trail compared sa Balayan:Old Trail) Hahaha. After a short rest we move forward Sis Belle and Ramon was on their way faster than Me and Kuya Basil. Finally with just a few steps from the jump off point i felt so much tired that my legs could’nt even  want to move. I knew it!!! Pinupulikat ako!!!!Hahahah… Kuya Basil calling my name from a distance he was asking me to wait for him. I just laughed at him and said “Oo kuya don’t worry hihintayin kita di na ako makalakad eh “Hahaha”. I thought I’m the only one who’s experiencing muscle cramps but we are having the same feeling (Hahaha). Thanks to the Mahiwagang tungkod for being there when I need someone to lean on(Hahaha). We took a rest for almost 10mins until our legs is ready to move forward. We reach the jump off point safe and sound THANK YOU LORD atlast woooh!!!!. We decided to leave our mahiwagang tungkod and hire a tricycle to take us to the highway.


Time to wash my dirty feet…Hahaha…

From there Ramon brought us to a residencial house who offers a bathroom to change  our shirts, clean our dirty feet and even take a bath if you want for Php20.00 per timba.We also settled the payment of Ramon sevices he said it costs Php400.00 only but on the end we still managed to gave him a tip (A tip that he can be able to enroll on a PRIVATE SCHOOL.hahaha…Just kidding). After cleaning ourselves and changing our clothers we proceed to the nearest karinderia to have something to eat. After done eating we’re on our way back home.


Thanks to you guys…Until next time…xD

We managed to get back on Dasma Pala Pala at around 3:17pm such a nice day full of wonderful experiences. I would like to thank Ramon (Our Guide) Kuya Basil , Sis Belle and Most of all “OUR HEAVENLY FATHER THE GOD HIMSELF!!! for sharing that another meaningful day of my life….. TO GOD ALWAYS BE THE GLORY!!!!This is your Lakwatserong Oso signing off!!! See you on our Next adventure….Peace Homieess!!!!


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